Ageless Teak

“It is possible to restore the furniture back to its original new timber look.”

Over time, as your outdoor furniture is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the natural oil on the surface of teak timber will oxidise and develop into a lovely silvery-grey patina. This finish can only be achieved through a natural process and unlike an artificial finish, a natural process provides age and character to your outdoor furniture.

You can easily restore the furniture back to its new wood look, should you prefer it. Whether it is a silvery-grey patina finish or a warm honey colour, the choice is yours. It is all-natural, without any finishing chemical applied.

WEATHERED TEAK A thin layer of grey patina should become visible after 4 months in the weather. The greying process will continue for up to 18 months, when the timber will become as grey as it gets.
WASHED TEAK Removing the patina is as simple as using a soft-bristled scrubber with a solution of laundry detergent and warm water.
NEW TEAK LOOK Use sandpaper to restore your furniture to its warm honey colour.
ZERO MAINTENANCE The rich natural oil found in A-grade teak is a unique feature, not found in any other timber. This natural oil acts as a film, preventing water from getting into the grain and causing the timber to rot. This makes A-grade teak the only timber that can be used outdoors without regular maintenance. Other timbers will require maintenance such as regular oiling or varnish to be applied.