Abacus Alu Daybed

Distinct from most outdoor daybeds, the Abacus Alu Daybed is composed of two halves that can be conveniently placed apart. This allows each half to occupy separate corners of your outdoor area, which prevents the combined piece to dominate your outdoor space. 

When joined together, the daybed is long enough to accomodate an adult to lay on, as its size is the same as a bedroom mattress. Whether it is joined together or separated into two halves, the Abacus Alu Daybed provides immense flexibility and functionality to your outdoor area.


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Abacus Alu Daybed
L260cm x W120cm x H81cm
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
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As always, a feature of the Abacus Alu collection is the solid teak trim along its edge, which further enhances the attention to detail of the Wintons Teak outdoor collection. Available in White, Black and Taupe powder coated aluminium with a wide selection of outdoor fabric and colours, the Abacus Alu Daybed is sure to complement most outdoor areas.

Abacus Alu Daybed Cushion Cover Replacement

The cushion cover replacement for the Abacus Alu outdoor daybed is available in various colours for both Olefin and Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. The cushion cover for Abacus Alu outdoor daybed is composed of a set of two seat cushion covers and eight of 60cm x 60cm pillow cover.  

Designed to house the quick-dry-foam inserts, the underside of Abacus Alu outdoor daybed cushion cover is constructed from a mesh like fabric to allow water to drain through.

Abacus Alu Daybed Foam Inserts

Constructed from quick-dry-foam, the insert for the Abacus Alu outdoor daybed is composed of open-pore foam structure that allows water to seep through. Do not expose the quick-dry-foam insert without any cushion cover applied on, as dust and dirt can be trapped inside its open pore structure and damages the foam inserts.