Palma Timber Mat

The Palma timber mat is originally designed as an outdoor timber mat, but has since been purchased and used for indoor purposes, especially as a mat in the bathroom. The Palma timber mat is an ideal outdoor mat because it allows for drainage of any moisture and as it is crafted from solid teak wood, it is suitable for 100% outdoor environment. The Palma timber mat is a popular choice for outdoor showers or closed to grassed areas.



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Palma Timber Mat
L60cm x W35cm x H4cm
3 Year Warranty
Buy 2 and get the second one at half price

For indoor use it is essential that the Palma timber mat is seasoned first in an outdoor environment for a period of 2 weeks. Seasoning the Palma timber mat, simply means to leave it exposed to the outdoors, please make sure that it is not placed on any unsealed surfaces as the timber may leach and stain the floor. This is because given that the shower room is humid and is lacking sunlight, a newly unpacked teak piece may not be able to take that humidity right on. It is also a good practice to move the Palma timber mat outdoors every 3 months to remove it from an excessively humid environment and be exposed to the sunlight.