Modernism is the best word to describe the design principles behind the Niall table. First are the clean lines of the tabletop, composed of a set of wide wooden slats resting on the railing and legs. There is no joinery on the tabletop, simply straight horizontal lines of positive and negative spaces.

The edges of the tabletop join the corner of the tilted leg, forming a clean and clear box-like outline. Moreover, the different thickness of the tabletop and table legs are disguised with a continuous rounded edge, running along each corner of the table. The railings are withdrawn slightly from the edge of the table, which highlights the clear geometric outline of the piece and enhances a feeling of lightness.

The modern geometric shapes are paired with a natural driftwood texture, which is a feature of distressed a-grade teak, and which adds warmth and honesty to the piece.


We love the Niall table from Wintons Teak, we adore the simple, yet elegant design of the table and it has had a lot of use over the years.

Sam, Kirrawee

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L180cm x W90cm x H75cm
5 Year Warranty
Flat Packed

At 180cm long and 90cm wide, this Niall table can easily accommodate six seats around it. The table can also be paired with Niall backless bench 150, which accommodates up to three adults. Crafted from a-grade teak, the Niall table can withstand the full sun and pouring rain without any maintenance.

L210cm x W90cm x H75cm
5 Year Warranty
Flat Packed

The Niall table 210x90 is designed to accommodate eight seats around it. The long and board planks that made up the tabletop matches well with almost any chairs, making the Niall table is truly a versatile piece for any deck or patio. This 210cm long table can also be paired with 180 long Niall backless bench to create a casual and inviting outdoor dining set.