Elan Bench PR3

The Elan bench in PR3 is woven from two strings of 3mm synthetic wicker, which has been twisted and wrapped around the aluminium frame of the bench. The rustic and textured look of the charcoal coloured wicker complement both the warm honey colour of a-grade teak and the patina grey shade of weathered a-grade teak. 

One other design feature of the Elan bench in PR3 is the open weave that gives a light and airy feel to the piece. Without the open weave, the dark coloured wicker will visually dominate the setting and makes the setting feel heavy and uninviting. As always, the Elan bench is crafted to be 100% outdoor, requiring no specific maintenance and can be left under the open sky, in the full sun and pouring rain. 


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Elan Bench PR3
Available in L130cm (2 Seater), L150cm (3 Seater) & L180cm (4 Seater)
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
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Different from most garden bench, the armrest of the Elan bench has been lowered to ensure that it can be tucked underneath various dining table. The seat height of the Elan bench is also made at 45cm to match with the seat height of most dining chairs. This makes the Elan bench a great match to most outdoor dining table such as the Duke, Knox or the Pierson table. 

A dining bench also reduces the clutter of having many chairs around a large dining table. Indeed, one long bench that takes up the length of the table will create a cleaner and more tidy visual appearance to the setting. Moreover, the Elan bench can also be separated from the dining set and be placed in other outdoor areas of the house as a stand-alone piece.