Salma Lumierre Bar Chair

The adjective “lumiere” is added as a suffix to the chair name as a result of the reflection of light, created from finely polished stainless steel straps that are sandwiched in between the teak components found on the seat and backrest of the chair. As an extension of the Salma range, the bar chair features the ubiquitous kicked seat and backrest found on all Salma range.   

The design feature of the Salma Sail SS chair is its kinked seats, which can be observed throughout the Salma range. The Salma range can be best described as a transitional piece from a modern to postmodern design. It is modern as there is no curve, it is geometric and minimalist. It is postmodern as it adds excitement with its kinked seat. 


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Salma Lumierre Bar Chair
W55cm x D63cm x H110cm
5 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled

The distressed a-grade teak applied in the Salma Lumiere bar chair makes it an ideal match for the Tandem SS bar table. This is because the table also features a distressed teak tabletop with a stainless steel frame. As always all Wintons Teak outdoor range is made to be 100% outdoor, which is why 304-grade stainless steel frame is chosen with a-grade teak seat and backrest to ensure for durability.