Elan Deep Seater PT1

The Elan PT1 is crafted from a bleached blond artificial wicker, which gives this fully woven piece a light and summer-like vibe in any outdoor area. The weathered texture and pale bleached colour of the wicker further accentuate the casual and coastal feel of the Elan PT1 collection.  

The frame of the Elan PT1 is designed to have no sharp edges, exhibiting an organic, continuous flow from the armrest to the backrest. This design is intended to maximise comfort, complementing the shape of the human body. 

In order to cater for the various needs and restrictions of your outdoor entertainment space, the Berkeley Extentsion Table comes in four stock standard sizes.

The secret to an effortless extension mechanism is hidden beneath the Berkeley's A-Grade Teak tabletop.

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Elan PT1 Deep Seater
L72cm x W70cm x H75cm
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
From: $1585

The Elan deepseater in PT1 is designed for compact spaces, without compromising on comfort. The deepseater is equipped with one scatter pillow which can be moved about to suit various body shapes and seating positions. Handwoven in durable synthetic wicker on a fully welded aluminium frame, the Elan deepseater is designed for durability to last for many summers to come.