Planar Alu Coffee Table

The Planar Alu is a modular piece that can be easily configured to adapt to any occasion. Whether to form an “L” shaped or corner set, separated into a two or three-seater, the freedom and flexibility is yours. 

The rope-like material that weaves around the powder-coated aluminium frame allows for an open and airy feel to the setting. There is also no thickness to the aluminium frame that holds the seat and backrest cushions. This further accentuates that open and accessible feel to the setting.

“ Elegant, Modular, Versatile and Lightweight. Perfect fit for any space, covered or 100% outdoor. We love how we can easily change from an L-Shape setting to a 3 seater or a 2 seater. Clever design, Wintons Teak. Thank you! “

Glen, Killara 

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Planar Alu Small Coffee Table
L55cm x W55cm x H36cm
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
From: $685

Often the best way to complete a large “L” shaped modular living set is to introduce variation but complementary low seaters next to it. The small Planar Alu coffee is a versatile piece that can be placed in between two lowseaters and will relate the additional lowseaters to the larger Planar Alu living set. 

Planar Alu Large Coffee Table
L110cm x W55cm x H36cm
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
From: $985

Designed with large rounded edges to suit the curved backrest of the Planar Alu, these curved edges also make for a child-friendly piece. With its tabletop crafted in solid a-grade teak, the Planar Alu coffee table introduces the warmth and natural tone of wood as a centerpiece of the Planar Alu living set.