Azure Lounger

Simplicity and comfort are the core feature of the Azure Lounger. Simplicity due to the clean and clear geometric outline of the loungers wood makes this Wintons Teak piece unforgettable. Materials that are traditionally attached to outdoor loungers have been either eliminated or thoughtfully hidden in the Azure. Wheels are placed discreetly inside the wooden leg, while trays and armrests that clutter the design are eliminated.

Comfort, because it comes with a 8cm thick all-weather cushion, which can be placed under the open sky. The backrest is also adjustable to offer a variety of lounging positions to suit your needs, while the footrest can be folded up for extra comfort, which prevents the cushion from sliding down. The stuffing for the cushion allows for a minimal touch point, which follows the body contour of its user.


“ We’ve had our loungers for years and Wintons Teak is our go to for our outdoor furniture ”

Troy, Bronte

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Azure Lounger
L205cm x W64cm x H28cm
5 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
From: $2965

The Azure Lounger delivers exceptional functionality. It’s equipped with wheels so that it can be easily moved about to follow or avoid the sun. When positioned flat and placed against the wall, it becomes a padded bench or sofa, perfect to accomodate guests, when  entertaining. As always with Wintons Teak outdoor product, the Azure lounger is made for 100% Outdoor, from the wooden frame and its cushion, simply leave it under the pouring rain and full sun.