Knox Backless Bench

The Knox backless bench is designed to offer a neat and orderly solution to the otherwise visual clutter of seats and chairs that surrounds a long Knox table. Designed and engineered as one long and integrated piece with no additional mid support, the Knox backless bench is a notable piece that's sure to impress.  

Crafted from distressed a-grade teak, the weathered texture on the surface of the wood creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere to any outdoor environment. It is this organic texture of the wood that makes the Knox table and backless bench a quintessential coastal piece. 


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Knox Backless Bench
Available in 240cm & 300cm Long
5 Year warranty
Flat Packed

The Knox backless bench is available in 240cm and 300cm long, designed to complement the Knox table. It has been specifically engineered to have a long seat span, eliminating the need for a mid support, ensuring only two support on each end. This translates to a cleaner and a focus in keeping with the aesthetic integrity of the collection.