Abacus Armless Bench

With the absence of armrest, the Abacus armless bench can simply tuck underneath the Duke table. The Abacus armless bench can also be joined next to each other to form one long continuous seating. It also ensures that users can get in and out of their seat easier, especially when paired with a dining table.  

In order to cater for the various needs and restrictions of your outdoor entertainment space, the Berkeley Extentsion Table comes in four stock standard sizes.

The secret to an effortless extension mechanism is hidden beneath the Berkeley's A-Grade Teak tabletop.

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Abacus Armless Bench
Available in L:130 (2 Seater), L:150 (3 Seater) & L:180 (4 Seater)
5 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled
From: $1985

The Abacus armless bench comes fully assembled, ensuring the structural integrity of the bench. The seat and backrest are curved to ensure that users are comfortable when sitting on the bench, even after a few hours. Crafted from solid a-grade teak, the bench is designed to be 100% outdoor, which means it can be left in the full sun and pouring rain with no specific maintenance.