Elan Coffee Table PR3

Crafted from 3mm charcoal coloured synthetic wicker that’s been twisted and woven on a sturdy yet slim aluminium frame, the Elan PR3 coffee table is proven to be one of the most challenging pieces to craft. The texture created from the twisted synthetic wicker also exudes an organic and weathered feel that simply complements any coastal or country casual space. 


A design solution to this problem is to reduce the surface area that is in black or charcoal. This can be done by crafting an open weave with synthetic wicker or in the case of black powder coated aluminium piece, by placing the aluminium slats sparsely, therefore creating as much opening possible that exposes the object it contains or it surrounding. The Elan Living Set in PR3 embodies this design philosophy with its open weave that highlight its plush cushion and letting lights to pass through it. This charcoal coloured piece provides for a light and airy feel to any outdoor area.

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Elan Small Coffee Table PR3
L55cm x W55cm x H38cm
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled

The small Elan PR3 coffee table is designed to complement the deep seater with the ottoman or be placed in between two seating pieces. Handwoven on aluminium frame and topped with toughened glass tabletop, the Elan PR3 coffee table is designed to be 100% outdoor.

Elan Large Coffee Table PR3
L120cm x W55cm x H38cm
3 Year Warranty
Fully Assembled

Measuring at 120cm long and only 55cm wide, the large Elan coffee table is relatively long and narrow. This means the coffee table does not take a lot of space when placed in between two loveseats that faced each other. Topped with toughened glass that does not easily shatter, the Elan coffee table in PR3 can be easily cleaned when needed.