Duke SS Coffee Table

The tabletop of the Duke SS coffee table is crafted from a-grade teak, employing the use of traditional timber joinery technique. This is evident in the use of mitre joints to construct the tabletop frame, as well as the individual mortise and tenon joinery for every slat that goes into the tabletop frame. This tabletop is then made to appear floating from the top of its stainless steel frame. The Duke SS coffee table is in short a sophisticated blend of teak and stainless steel that is sure to impress. 

In order to cater for the various needs and restrictions of your outdoor entertainment space, the Berkeley Extentsion Table comes in four stock standard sizes.

The secret to an effortless extension mechanism is hidden beneath the Berkeley's A-Grade Teak tabletop.

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Duke SS Coffee Table
Available in three different sizes
5 Years Warranty
Flat Packed
From: $685

Duke SS Coffee Table 45x45

The 45x45cm Duke SS coffee table is designed higher than its larger siblings, at 45cm high. This makes the smallest of the Duke SS coffee table collection to have an overall cube outline. Composed from fully welded stainless steel lag and apron, the Duke SS coffee table 45x45 can be stacked when not in use to save space. 

Duke SS Square Coffee Table

The 70x70cm square Duke SS coffee table can function as a corner (or return) piece when placed in between two adjacent left and right piece of the Abacus SS loveseat or sofa. This creates a mini “L” shaped living set, perfect for apartment balconies or small terraces. Otherwise, the coffee table can be reconfigured to sit along the loveseat or sofa piece for a long and narrow seating configuration. 

Duke SS Rectangular Coffee Table

The larger rectangular Duke SS coffee table is designed to complement the Abacus SS loveseat and sofa. Designed at a width that matches with the depth of the Abacus SS loveseat and sofa, this rectangular Abacus SS coffee table can be placed in between the left and right piece of the Abacus SS sofa or loveseat to “break up” the setting by creating an opening in between them. It can also be a free standing piece when placed in front of the loveseat or sofa.