Oak Veneer

L3,390mm (Bookshelves) x L3,050mm (Desk)

Approximately $10,500

Project Features

Cable Management

Wall-to-Wall Precision Fit Joinery

Under the Desk Stationery Drawers

Adjustable Bookshelves

Open Shelves for Printer

Project Description

The client had completed a major renovation approximately 12 months prior to their visit to a Wintons Teak store. They have not however found the time to fully furnish the new study area. This is because there was no option available in the mainstream furniture retailer for a desk and bookcase that will suit their requirements. Following an extensive design consultation and site visit, the client decided to move ahead with the proposed design that solves several design challenges, such as air vent provision, cable management system and a design that matches with the rest of the house.