Teak Veneer, Amber

L4,000mm x D500mm x H1,800mm

Approximately $6,000

Project Features

Staggered Wall-Mounted Bookshelf

Multiple Media Device Openings

Project Description

In an open plan home, it is often difficult to distinguish different spaces. By adding the wall mounted shelving, the living room will have a visual form of division from the rest of the house while still maintaining the spacious floor space of an open plan house.

It is often very tempting to try and match the furnishing to the existing timber finish that comes with the house. In reality this approach would have created a very one dimensional feel to the space. In this particular living room, teak amber has been chosen because it complements not the timber ceiling, but the black powder-coated window/door frames and polished concrete floor. By having both the lighter oak timber ceiling and the warmer teak amber joinery unit, the two tones of timber add more depth and texture to the room.