Walnut Veneer and Graphite PU Door and Drawerfronts

L3400mm x D400mm x H1500mm

Approximately $5,500

Project Features

Floating bookcase

Max Length Top Shelf

Wall-Mounted Unit

Project Description

One way to make a smaller room feel larger is to place the elements of the entertainment unit horizontally rather than vertically. This design choice creates a joinery unit that is wider than it is tall accentuating the length of the room rather than the height. Consequently the top shelf of the joinery unit is lower than most, bringing it to eye level, making the top shelf perfect for display.

The unit being wall mounted, highlights the horizontality, creating a focal point within the space. This makes the room feel larger and less cluttered. Having a wider tv unit diverts attention away from the television as a focal point, instead helps to draw more attention to what is displayed along the unit.