Walnut Veneer

L4,720mm x D600mm x H1,750mm

Approximately $10,000

Project Features

TV Panel with Cable Management

Discrete Storage for Printer 

Cable Management from Desktop

Stationery Drawers under Desktop 

Overhead Shelves for Filings

Project Description

Following the need to work and study from home, a space in the second storey of this house is to be refurbished with a bespoke study space that accommodates two people at the same time.

One requirement for the project is to have the study desk to be apart , so as to allow for ample personal space and for each person to not be disturbed. The large TV in between the study also functions as an additional screen for presentation and digital conferences.

Further, the study unit is also equipped with a cable management system, behind the timber panel that supports the TV screen, in the middle of the room. This also means that there is no need to attach it to the wall in order to hide the cables that go from the power point to the television. Cable management system also runs at the back of both desks, which allows for powerpoint access to charge laptops and other electronic devices from the desktop.

The sideboard-like the unit under the TV screen is designed with fold away doors for access to a printer, which can be well hidden when not in use. An all walnut finish is chosen to add more warmth to the room and complement the existing dark timber flooring.