Oak Veneer and White PU

L2,800mm x D450mm x H2,100mm

Approximately $9,000

Project Features

Slatted Wall Panel

Floor-to-Ceiling Precision Joinery

Cable Management System 

Project Description

Our recent creation is a sleek, multifunctional wall unit designed with small apartments in mind. This distinctive piece integrates a TV unit, a fit to ceiling bookcase, and a slatted oak wall panel into one cohesive design. Finished in a fresh white polyurethane coating, the unit serves as a stylish solution for space optimization and decoration, adding depth and character to your living area.

The floor-to-ceiling bookcase offers ample storage, making full use of the vertical space available. At the heart of the unit is the TV console, thoughtfully designed with an integrated cable management system, ensuring a clean, clutter-free media area. The oak slatted wall panel introduces a natural textural contrast, enhancing the modern aesthetics of the design. This bespoke piece is not only a testament to smart, compact design, but also a bold decor statement, blending functionality and style seamlessly.