White PU

L1,170mm x D400mm x H2,551mm

Approximately $7,500

Project Features

Project Description

Our bespoke floor-to-ceiling dresser and display cabinet serves as a masterstroke of functional design for a client who sought a statement piece for the entrance of her unit. The design blends modern aesthetics with practicality, integrating features like a mirrored back panel, a cable management system, soft-close drawers, and strategic LED lighting. The mirrored panel and LED lighting enhance the visual appeal of displayed items, while the cable management system and soft-close drawers ensure seamless, unobtrusive use.

Aside from its primary functions, the unit's sideboard offers a flat surface, which effortlessly doubles as a console table, providing additional space for decoration or practical usage. The precision fit joinery ensures that this substantial piece fits impeccably from floor to ceiling, harmoniously blending with the existing interior. Tailored to our client's specifications, this piece turns the entrance of her home into a functional, inviting space with a touch of modern sophistication.