Oak Veneer and White PU

L4,800mm x D540mm x H2,463mm

Approximately $16,000

Project Features

Cable Management System

Wall-to-Wall Precision Fit Joinery

Floor-to-Ceiling Joinery 

Air Conditioning Unit Cover

Push-to-Open Drawer and Door Hardware

Project Description

Experience the perfect marriage of practicality and contemporary aesthetics with our bespoke wall unit, expertly crafted to optimise storage whilst seamlessly accommodating a TV and bookshelves. This unique design cleverly integrates a ventilation cover for an existing air conditioning unit, a thoughtful touch in this tailor-made joinery masterpiece.

At the heart of the unit, open shelves and TV recesses, meticulously fashioned from American oak veneer on MDF, are beautifully contrasted with closed storage units finished in a chic white. The harmonious blend of these elements breathes a fresh, modern look into your room. Each closed storage unit boasts a streamlined push-to-open system, removing the need for handles or finger grooves, and further enhancing the unit's sleek and clean allure.