Teak Veneer

W875mm x D540mm x H2,365mm (Each Speaker Cabinet), W180x H1,750 x t30 (Each Louvre Blade)

Approximately $11,000

Project Features

Built-In Louvre

Mesh Subwoofer Cover

Hidden Cable and LED Provisions

Project Description

This piece was an especially complex design as it needed to integrate all the LED lights and electrical chords for the TV and Hi-Fi sound system. The final product also needed to fit precisely into the cavity in the wall and ensure that its facade is fully flush with the centre wall that houses the fireplace.

This customer wanted to introduce some timber grain into their home, making their home feel warmer. Teak Amber was chosen to compliment the black fireplace and TV.

The design of the shelving was made specifically for the speakers that were installed. Choosing custom joinery for your home allows for furniture made specifically to your needs without compromise.