Walnut Veneer and Engineered Stone

L3,400mm x D500mm x H2,116mm

Approximately $11,500

Project Features

Engineered Stone Benchtop by Caesarstone®

Timber Paneling

Wall-Mounted Storage

Project Description

The client requires additional general storage and a dresser, which also needs to be a stand for a television screen for the bedroom. The wall in front of the bed, where the television should be located is recessed between two columns and is under a bulkhead ceiling, making it the perfect location for this bespoke joinery unit.

In order to create a seamless unit, timber paneling was installed on the wall that allows for the depth of the nook. This creates a continuity between the dresser unit and the wall mounted storage piece, while at the same time frames the television screen that's centered to the middle of this wall.

An American walnut finish is chosen to complement the dark timber floor of this room, and engineered stone benchtop in Linen motif by Caesrastone® is chosen to complement both the walnut finish and the benchtop in the ensuite bathroom, adjacent to this wall.