Teak Veneer

L2,382mm (Desk) x L1,408mm (Storage) x H2,325 (Storage)

Approximately $6,000

Project Features

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Precision Fit Wall-to-Wall Storage

Wall Mounted Overhead Shelf

Project Description

A bespoke storage unit was needed to occupy a nook, with one side as open shelves for books and files while the other half is closed with a door to store a guitar.

A desk adjacent to the storage unit was designed to accommodate up to 2 adults when needed. A mid support was added to the desk that goes half the desk’s depth to ensure it’s sturdy while minimising obstruction for users.

The wall-mounted shelf located above the desk not only provides additional filing space and space for displaying decorative items in the study area but also creates a visual balance in framing the wall and working space.