Walnut Veneer

L3,070mm (Desk) x L4,080mm (TV Unit)

Approximately $13,000

Project Features

Wall-to-Wall Joinery

Privacy Louvre Screen

Wall-Mounted Floating TV Unit

Cable Management

Router and Modem Housing Unit

Wall Mounted Overhead Shelving

Project Description

As working from home has become more prevalent, the client was in need of a more permanent and comfortable home office set up. The home office shares its space with the gaming and media area. For this reason, the design solution proposed is to use one wall as the home office and the adjacent as the entertainment unit.

Extensive cable management is also incorporated into the joinery in order to hide away, with multiple access points on the desk-top for all the many connected devices located in this room. Additionally a solid American walnut screen is also added to the end of the bespoke desk for extra privacy from the doorless hallway entry.