Salma Sail Alu Bar Chair

A striking design feature of the Salma Sail Alu bar chair is its kinked seat, which is a design signature of the Salma range. The Salma range can be best described as a transitional piece from a modern to postmodern design. It is modern as there is no curve, it is geometric and minimalist. It is postmodern as it adds excitement with its kinked seat.  

As always all Wintons Teak outdoor range is made to be 100% outdoor, which is why we have chosen hardened aluminium and Batyline® slings to ensure its durability and be enjoyed in your patio for many years to come. 


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Salma Sail Alu Bar Chair
L x W x H
3 Years Warranty
Fully Assembled

The Salma Alu bar chair is a great complement to the Tandem Alu bar table. The Batyline® seat and backrest of the bar chair provides a more solid yet sleek shape to the bar chair, which is often a needed addition to an outdoor bar set.